C-IN2 Men's Underwear

If Neil Armstrong Could Have, He Would Have Worn C-IN2 Underwear!

Why, you might ask? Because he had an intense desire to be at the forefront of the greatest discoveries known to man. Yup, just as he is known for being the first to land on the moon, which introduced the new era of space travel, C-IN2 introduced a new era in men’s underwear and swimwear. Guys who wear C-IN2 know they are wearing the future. Top of the line, larger-than-life underwear technology is what C-IN2 stands for.

That`s why when you wear C-IN2, you feel like you’re constantly at the forefront of something really important. And you are. You’re wearing the product of a major underwear company that works around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, just to make you sexier, more comfortable and more confident. That`s why when you buy C-IN2 underwear, you never go back.

The founder of the company, Greg Sovell, knows the value of being first, or “different”, which is why C-IN2 creates inventive designs that can`t be found anywhere else. C-IN2 does things that no other company does, such as combining the fit and comfort of a traditional brief with athletic low-rise trunks, or using seacell fibers manufactured from natural materials and that contain vitamins and amino acids that are passed into the body when the garments are worn. They do all sorts of amazing things. They can even make your package look bigger!

Whether you choose just plain cotton, Pima cotton, Bamboo, Seacell or micro-modal fibers, you can be assured that you`re getting only top of line, ultra-sexy, finely tailored underwear with C-IN2. Get a taste of the future and browse the C-IN2 collection at DealByEthan.com today!

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