The next time you`re checking out some sexy, potential love interest, try hiding your lustful glances more discreetly behind these cool Jeepers Peepers Nic black sunglasses with oversized aviator lenses. Their full UV protection will keep your eyes from harm’s way while making you look completely irresistible.

Having cool, unique shades to hide their appearance from nosy paparazzi or mobs of fans asking for autographs has always been an obsession with Hollywood stars. Ever since the era of silent movies, stars have been wearing sunglasses to both hide their red eyes received as a result of working in intense lighting and to achieve some degree of privacy.

Wearing sunglasses has the benefit of hiding your expression, and avoiding eye contact can be quite intimidating for the other person. It makes you look way more cool and confident. Wearing shades gives you the upper hand in a conversation, simply because you appear to be less involved emotionally in the dialogue; and you know that the one that appears cooler and calmer always gets the prize!

Jeepers Peepers will hide your eyes perfectly behind the most modern and fashionable frames and lenses on the market today. If you`re into vintage, check out these sassy and alluring Jeepers Peepers Zia black sunglasses with slim, transparent frames and contrasting retro stripes.

So the next time you’re wondering what might give your appearance an extra boost while giving you an advantage during any encounter, browse through the collection of Jeepers Peepers sunglasses at and find the pair made just for you!

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