Happiness, entertainment, delight, ecstasy and euphoria – do you expect this from your clothes? Well, you should!

A fashion designer always strives to create products that will appeal to the buyer`s senses; that is, induce feelings of pleasure when viewed and worn. The five specific mental states described in the title are what pleasure really is to an average person. Timoteo Ocampo, an American designer from Los Angeles, the city of sin, knows this all too well. To put it simply, wearing Timoteo garments provides feelings of pure joy.

Timoteo Ocampo is a trend setting designer. Let us explain. You see, the fashion industry works a little different from the music or film industry. When something is hot, all the other designers rush to imitate or upgrade their designs to include the current trend. Timoteo is the one everyone else is looking at for ideas because he bases his success on constantly researching what men want and need. He continuously explores new ideas, patterns and colors. He is always at the forefront. The words you may be looking for? Bold and brave!

Timoteo knows a thing or two about style, comfort and the ergonomics of clothing. This is why their garments look and feel fabulous. Take a look at this hip and sexy Timoteo Quake super low brief in a striking combination of black and red. It`s created from a perfect blend of cotton and spandex. It`s also incredibly comfortable and exposes your strategic spots beautifully.

You can do things the right way, or you can do things the right way with style. Timoteo garments and accessories are something that every fashion conscious man must have.

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