Walk with pride on the beach in custom swimwear you designed yourself. Just make sure you`re ready to deal with all the attention you’ll get!

It`s just something you have to try in order to know how it feels. Imagine walking bare foot on the hot sand in a pair of trunks, knowing there`s no one on the beach wearing anything remotely resembling what you’re wearing. You’re sexy, sassy, sleek and self-confident, and the best part is, you`re unique. There`s no way you`ll run into someone wearing the same thing you are. Now, you may ask yourself, how is this possible?

Jellyfish’s customizable swimwear makes it possible! Jellyfish offers you a truly exciting possibility when purchasing their swimwear at DealByEthan.com. You get to play fashion designer with all of the swimwear designs offered in their product line! They put you in the spotlight. They want your input, your opinion, your taste and your passion. They want you to choose the colors, prints and trim, and then they put together a swimsuit designed and crafted specifically for you. This way, you get exactly what you want – to the letter.

So, go ahead. Play a little. Imagine what colors and prints you would choose on this Jellyfish square cut floral side panel custom swimwear.

All Jellyfish swimwear is designed in Brazil and influenced by the hottest trends on the Brazilian beaches. So, bring out your creative side and customize your own sexy swimwear from the Jellyfish collection at DealByEthan.com today!

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