If you’re an athlete or go to the gym regularly and think it’s difficult to find suitable underwear, then jockstraps may be the perfect solution for you.

Jockstraps became fashionable during the 1860’s and were worn by men under their swimwear in order to maintain a degree of modesty. Today, they are indispensible for men who play sports due to the support they provide during sporting activities.

However, jockstraps can also be used as swimwear and underwear, and they come in a wide variety of designs and colors. Some of the more popular ones include those made of cotton, as well as  compression shorts, sports jockstraps and low-rise jockstraps. The cotton jockstraps are the most comfortable as they allow free flow of air and easy evaporation of sweat. Compression shorts are more traditional, as they cover the back completely and have the appearance of a boxer, but with a jock strap on the inside of the underwear. The utility of the sports jockstrap lies in the pouch at the front that allows for the insertion of a plastic cup for added protection. Low-rise jockstraps can be worn while wearing low-rise jeans or similar clothing.

Many brands produce jockstraps, such as Calvin Klein, Joe Snyder, Gregg Homme, Dick and Jane, Pierre Cardin and others. Available in numerous designs and high quality cotton or synthetics, jockstraps are sexy undergarments that men love to wear for both their comfort and utility.

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