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Looking For Something Sexy But Different…Try1stGear

When it comes to looking and feeling good the contemporary male has numerous options…he may find himself in a tight spot…what is best for him! 1st Gear…the scintillating, smart and sexy men’s wear will make it easy for you. Lam Tran the designer of 1stgear wants his designs to hug the male body. This is the 21st century and it’s vital to break free from the thought that only women can look and be sexy, in fact men can be sexy and they are! 1stgear is a brand with unique cuts and designs. They are well known for their seductive men’s  underwear, and also have other extensive range of T-shirts with clean and straight designs which have not been excessively done with large and exaggerated brand  logos…seen on some other labels in the market.

When we say erotic men’s underwear…it suggests that less is simply more. You can try the 1stgear ‘SexyJock’ Jock Strap Underwear, which looks mesmerizing in blue only for $19.90. At 1stgear, you are sure to find a colossal assortment of titillating men’s underwear…but I warn you…they won’t do for the timid or hesitant guys! Remember…the less the fabric in the underwear, the sexier it looks on you!

Jock Strap underwear is perhaps the most seductive men’s underwear in the 1stgear collection and can be bought in different colours. You can also find brief underwear, boxer brief and of course the attractive short sleeved T shirts at 1stgear…to feel confident and sexy. They are available in many different styles. Click here for Men’s Exciting underwear and Tees!

1stgear offers the finest quality of printed as well as embroidered men’s clothing personalised only for you. You may want single underwear or a high volume corporate order, be assured you will get the finest quality service…believe it… they work very hard to make you look exciting and confidant. In fact it is a good idea for you to check the website to understand what they can create.

It is a diverse world and the 1stgear is one brand that wants to embrace every man irrespective of his diverse background. Just the fact… male body is sexy and whatever your frame…embraces your body… feel good about yourself and feel sexy. There is a boisterous response from the people to their sexy new underwear line in the market.

Don’t you think the name 1stgear is quite unique…it is…and designer Tran answers the question, “What is the first thing you put on after you get out of the shower, your underwear? With a car, before you can drive off, you have to switch to your ‘1st gear.’ The name is meant to get you going.” 1stgear wants to have diversity in their designs to suit all males…you don’t have to have a chiselled young body to look sexy…you can be of any age, race, weight or height, look sexy and confident with 1stgear men’s wear.

It is not just about feeling sexy in 1stgear’s men’s underwear and T-shirts…it is also very comfortable and has been created from the finest material. You can wear them all day, at work, on your date and of course to bed and not feel a thing! This men’s underwear line is very affordable however competitive with other brand’s in them market. You can easily purchase these exciting pieces from $17 to $20 and they are easily available online at some stores such as DealByEthan.com.

Discover the ultimate range of men’s underwear and swimwear as well as men’s grooming and accessory products which a man must have at DealByEthan.com. It is really unique and different and that actually shows. Eric Salo is the co-owner of DealByEthan, which as one of finest online collections of daring and baring men’s underwear and swimwear available today. It is all about men’s fashion…with a focus on how guys can look confident and sexy in underwear and swimwear. The best thing about DealByEthan men’s collection is that they offer contemporary designs from the top men’s underwear and swimwear brands. DealByEthan continues to include men’s underwear and swimwear brands which will appeal to the new breed of body and fashion conscious men.

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