Mosmann underwear is a brand that strives to capture your philosophy of living, your unbridled enthusiasm for life and your hedonism. Mosmann seizes those emotions and fertilizes its garments with them in order to give you the sense of accomplishment you deserve for being all that you can be. With Mosmann, you have luxurious underwear that boosts your self confidence because practicing luxury in your life is something that shows how much you are willing to live life to the fullest.

Life is about pleasing yourself, no matter what others might tell you, and one way to do it is with the black Mosmann Gold brief. Feel the soft and durable fabric wrap around your body like a million-dollar gold necklace wraps around the neck of a Hollywood diva. Mosmann is a brand that gives you a feeling of velvety luxury, like an old arm-chair in Queen Elizabeth`s castle that was created by a master craftsman with a superior sense of detail and style, building it through his own sweat and tears, and with the finest materials available. This is the feeling Mosmann underwear gives you.  We dare you not to feel on top of the world after wearing this grey and gold Mosmann Skin boxer brief . It`s made from a fantastic blend of nylon and lycra and feels like a second skin.

Mossman didn`t get its name by chance. It `s borrowed from a luxurious, seaside Sidney suburb. This small piece of heaven on Earth is a place only a chosen few truly get to enjoy, just like Mosmann underwear. So, claim your spot under the sun. Browse through the largest Mosmann collection  on the web at and give yourself a taste of luxury!

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