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N2N underwear- for the Metro sexual and Gay Men

N2N Bodywear, the shortened form of Next to Nothing has a range of exotic underwear like no other, usually catered for as well as preferred by metro sexual or gay men.

The N2N brand was founded at Los Angeles in 1997 by Andrew Makay. The revolution in apparels launched by his unique vision provides mainly for the metro-sexual and gay men. With time, the brand has gathered a strong foothold in the world of men’s sexy apparel fashion.

There are more than 90 types of bikini swimwear in their collection. They are erotic and sexy. They have draw cords at the waist which can be adjustable to how much low or high riding you want. They have a seamless front and the pouch is contouring. They are available in various colours and bold prints. Their collection of boxer brief underwear has more than 40 versions and made of soft fabric of cotton-spandex rib. They are beautifully designed and absolutely seamless. They cradle and enhance your package and at the same time are very soft. The see-through ones are made of 100% poly net and are tremendously seductive. Their g string underwear and swimwear have a c-ring inside which gives good fit as well as enhancement. Their jammer swimwear range has a palette of vibrant colours, varied styles and innovative patterns. They flatter and enhance.

The jockstrap underwear and swimwear have a body hugging fitted look, while enhancing the front. The fabrics used are exceptionally sensual and soft. Some of them have the unique feature of a button pouch which is detachable. The pouch underwear is made of a blend of acetate and spandex which results in a comfortable as well as enhancing fit. The thong swimwear and underwear are unique statements in the fashion of men’s sexy clothing. They are sophisticated and masculine all at the same time. Some are slightly sheer which adds to the risqué element. The square cut trunk swimwear is available in more than 45 different varieties. They are in mono colours as well as varied prints. The vibrant use of colours is truly eye-catching.

The materials used by N2N are of the finest quality. They are soft and silky. They blend many materials in unique combinations to create a perfectly comfortable fabric. Whether you are conservative or bold, the N2N range of sexy man clothes is perfect for all. For the complete range of N2N products browse at

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