Forget everything you thought you knew about underwear. Forget everything you thought underwear should be. Forget it all – and meet PIPE!

PIPE underwear designs are literal explosions of color. Rainbows have nothing on PIPE colors. You`d think they invented a new color spectrum specifically for their range of underwear. There`s so much we could tell you about them, but see for yourself; check out the cool and mesmerizing print of this PIPE Tattoo boxer brief.

The founder of PIPE Underwear, Carlos Palacio, always felt that there was a lack of texture, color and comfort in men’s underwear and decided to create a company that would fill this void. With his skills and imagination, PIPE was born, founded on the philosophy that underwear should compliment your looks and make you feel unique and sexy.

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and felt hypnotized by it? Felt a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure just looking at it? Well, take a look at this masterpiece – the PIPE techno brief, made from a comfortable and breathable blend of cotton and elastic that wraps around and caresses your sexy body so as to send shivers up your back.

So bring some color into your world and select something from the PIPE underwear collection at today!

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