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Pulse Underwear- a Style Myriad for the Bold

If you are naughty and daring, then Pulse underwear is the ideal brand of sexy men clothing for you.

The Pulse Underwear brand took its first steps in the world of sexy designer men’s clothing in the year 2007. After that, it has only evolved to become bigger and better by each passing day.

Their boxer briefs and brief underwear are made mainly of cotton with a little mix of Lycra. Some even have the unique concept of a button at the front. The sheer ones are either made of a mix of nylon and spandex or are simply 100% nylon mesh. They are available in mono colours as well as in graphic bird prints. Their jock straps and pouch underwear are super-comfortable with a cupped pouch that allows extra support and grip and enables zero visible underwear lines. They use a unique mix of fabric like cotton, elastic, acrylic, polyester and nylon in interesting proportions to create the perfect blend. Their sheer ones are equally good. Their collection of bird-printed thongs ups the spice quotient of the sexy attire. The sheer mesh thongs are really soft and made of 100% nylon mesh. It is one thing that only the most bold and daring can opt for. The swimwear collection is a reflection of their underwear collection. They not only manufacture all kinds of sexy clothing for men but also muscle top t shirts in sheer mesh made of very soft 100% nylon mesh. They are both sexy and fun.

Their range of underwear is not a novelty item, as they are comfortable as well as functional. They have plush and comfortable interiors. The pouches are made of soft and knitted materials with elastic contouring and trimming for a great cupping and lifting effect. They are supportive and comfortable at the same time. The materials are superbly stretchable to fit any size.

The inside of the underwear has a softly brushed finish. They keep things comfortable all day long as a result it is the ideal for daily wear. They are available in bright and vibrant colours as a result of which there are many options to choose from. They give a nice shape to your package. There is no sense of confinement due to the stretchable materials used in the manufacturing.

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