Rag Dynasty is a fashion brand based in Los Angeles that has the main mantra of providing fashionable and street smart clothing for the fashion conscious young men of today. The motto of the company is to make the followers of the brand stand out in a crowd instead of blending in, with their unique designs and fits.

Music, art, fashion, the culture of the times and dynasties gone by, all of this acts as the main inspiration behind the creation of their clothing lines.

The brand manufactures shirts and t shirts of various kinds. They manufacture short sleeved shirts, short sleeved t shirts and long sleeved shirts in various patterns and colours.

Long sleeved shirts produced by Rag Dynasty are available in many variations of patterns and colours. If you want to add some funk to your appearance then all you have to do is choose the patterned shirts of this brand. For a more formal appearance, shirts in mono colours are best. There are some collections in the group named exodus, deluxe and western. The deluxe range is perfect for those formal occasions or to be worn during office hours. Exodus is a slightly stylish outlook of their deluxe collection. Their western range of shirts is indeed a western take on the T shirt with influences of the west clearly visible with their bold prints.

The fabric used is 100% cotton and double stitching is involved. The deluxe collection has velvet neck trim and the logo buttons on it are custom made. Another feature is that they are silicone and enzyme washed which gives them maximum softness.

There are choices galore in the short sleeved shirts made by Rag Dynasty. Their collections of shirts are named western, batwing, military, deluxe and two pocket. As with the others, only 100% cotton has been used to craft these shirts and they have been specially washed to give maximum softness to them. Their buttons are custom made and are stitched with heavy thread to increase durability. Some of their shirts have velvet neck trims which add to the list of features and utilities.

The shirts made by Rag Dynasty have been woven with great care and detail so customers get the very best. For more information on Rag Dynasty shirts and products visit us at Deal by Ethan to get amazing discounts and offers.

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