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Rufskin- the Hot Brand for the Hot Male in You

If you are looking for sexy men’s underwear in innovative cuts and designs then Rufskin is the brand for you.

The brand was founded in the early 2000. It is the fruit of the joint effort of the head designer Hubert Pouches and his partner Douglas Coats. Although they started with only one store, they have spread their tentacles far and wide all around the globe.

The Rufskin range of swimwear is available in 4 wide varieties. This fully reversible swimwear has a waist band of contrasting draw cord with their signature embroidery on both sides. They are made of a mix of nylon, polyester and spandex, and are available in many prints which in turn are available in various colours. The solid swimwear collection consists of short board-shorts, sungas, and swimjocks with front lined pouch and “D” ring at the back side, swim bikinis and more. The different styles boast of vibrant colours and innovations.

The photoprint range of swimwear is truly creative with “photo-process” prints of various collages, pop-arts and other such things on them in various cuts and styles. Rufskin range of underwear also has a good collection. The sheer range has contrast binding and the front pouch lined with spandex or cotton. The mix of cotton, spandex and polyester gives it a comfortable feel and great fit. The California Vintage range of underwear is a new line which has been inspired by the vintage styles of college sports. Made of a mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this underwear is comfortable for all day wear.

Their Team Player range or more simply their boxer briefs for sports is made of soft and comfortable materials, mainly cotton. The Wood Fiber or Enzo range consists of bikini briefs in a euro cut. The pouch in the front is lined, and the mix of rayon and spandex makes it super soft and gives you maximum comfort. Their line of denim swim underwear is an innovative piece of work. The full cut ones give old school cuts and style a brand new twist, while the extreme and adjustable ones are for those with a bold and whacky taste.

Rufskin uses soft materials that provide all day comfort. They use a mix of materials like cotton, spandex and polyester. However, cotton is the predominant material used so that they are comfortable for all day use.

The main features of their products are their unique cuts, fittings, comfort and the delicate detailing on each of the hand crafted sexy men’s clothing. They almost serve as the wearer’s second skin.

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