At first, it might feel a little uncomfortable, but once you try it, you`ll get addicted to going to the beach in your Sauvage swimwear!

Now, don`t say we didn`t warn you. People can be so jealous, right? I mean, it`s not your fault you stumbled on the most perfect swimwear brand in the world here at and bought something like this ridiculously sexy Sauvage Zipper square cut swimwear in heather gray. Made of a supreme blend of the finest nylon and Lycra, this is a top of the line swimwear garment. No wonder you made a few people jealous down at the beach!

However, seeing people green with envy is something you`re just going to have to get used to when you start wearing Sauvage swimwear, and you can`t blame people for being envious. It’s just human nature.

Sauvage swimwear is manufactured solely in the USA. Designer Elizabeth Southwood, chosen as the top designer in the USA for the 50th anniversary celebration of Lycra and the founder of Sauvage swimwear, demands only the best from her product line, and her designs and materials are among the best in the industry. The swimwear is designed at their headquarters in San Diego, and the fabrics used in the manufacturing process are always the most advanced materials available. Xtra Life Lycra produced by Invista, one of the best manufacturers of high quality fabrics in the world, is the key component of Sauvage’s fabrics. This fabric provides superior stretch retention, minimal fading and longer fabric life.

So, if you’re looking for swimwear that will make everyone green with envy, try something from the Sauvage swimwear collection at today!

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