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What Does the Well-Dressed Man Wear Under His Clothes?

Yes, he’s a vision in his black leather jacket and tight jeans. They fit perfectly. His accessories match as if Yves Saint Laurent himself selected them. Trendy shoes, trendy belts and trendy buckles. Even his sunglasses scream “sexy.”

However, after you pick him up at a party or in a club, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you get him home only to discover that he’s got tighty-whiteys on underneath all that glitz and glamour. “Why? Why?” you ask yourself, “When there are dozens of better choices!”

Shouldn’t underwear be fashionable too?

Of course it should! And today, there are so many styles to choose from – bikinis, boxers, long and short, boxer briefs, thongs and the irresistible pouch. Amazing. Arousing. This ain’t your daddy’s underwear we’re talking about!

When people make fun of “granny panties”, they’re dissing those white cotton briefs that label the lady who owns them as b-o-r-i-n-g. The modern fashionista wouldn’t be caught dead in them. So, why should guys settle for uninspired and uninspiring plain, white underpants?

They shouldn’t, and the online store at offers a multitude of juicy selections for the man who wants to keep up with the times. The fashionable male can dress in luxury from top to toe by shopping there and take his underwear collection out of the historically boring category. offers underwear in all variety of colours and the styles. So many choices, so little time. Some of their sexy styles include: 

  • Bikini
  • Briefs
  • Pouch
  • Boxer-briefs
  • Thong underwear
  • Long boxer-briefs
  • Loose boxer shorts
  • G string underwear
  • Jock strap underwear

 Plus, for the Tarzans of the world, there is the men’s loincloth underwear. Materials range from see-through fishnet to soft knit to black leather. Costumes abound, such as the Male Power Fishnet Boxer Brief. This garment is a fishnet boxer that showcases the body and has an attached black pouch behind the netting.

For the distinctive guy who demands coordinating garments, there is the two-tone t-shirt and matching thong. These sets come in black with contrasting trim in a variety of colours. Speaking of black, there is a pair of black briefs that glow in the dark, but only in one strategic area . . .

That exhibitionist underwear called the pouch comes in leopard print, snakeskin print, hot black leather, velvet and an animalistic tiger print. One black pouch has a zipper and others are made of see-through mesh. These skimpy skivvies are perfect for the hot-looking show-offs among us.

So, after the sun goes down, and the clubs close down, remove those designer duds. Slip out of the leather jacket. Step out of those tight jeans. Your trendy image will still remain intact underneath it all if you’re wearing a pair of sexy underpants from These are the perfect undergarments to strip down to.

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