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191 Unlimited: The Perfect Balance of Sensuality and Subtlety

Many men aren’t comfortable in the clothes they wear. Some outfits are either too loud or too old-fashioned. Some are too informal, and others are just too uptight. Every man wants to find the balance between the sexy and the subtle, and with the 191 Unlimited Collection at DealByEthan.com, you’ll find this perfect balance.

The Art of Sensuality

Being and looking sensual is coveted among men as it helps attract women and inspire respect among peers. The 191 Unlimited collection simply oozes sensuality and therefore succeeds in both these respects. In addition, 191 Unlimited apparel affords you the greatest comfort due to the wonderfully cool, light texture of the materials used that relax your skin and satisfy your sensual longing for freshness. Wearing a 191 Unlimited garment will renew your love for your body, mind and spirit.

As you walk the streets, malls, school lobbies, restaurants and hotels, you you’ll feel endless gratitude for the great life you’re enjoying. Your sensual aura will pervade any room and make others acknowledge that you enjoy your life. If sensuality could be physically portrayed, it would be you in any of the following 191 Unlimited shirts at DealByEthan.com

  • Bad Apple: a sensual, long-sleeved, button down, striped shirt with two front pockets and straps.
  • Bedroom Window: a button down, long-sleeved, striped shirt with a cool print on the right side.
  • Checkmate: a button down, long-sleeved, striped shirt printed with Fleur de Lys.

The Art of Subtlety

While you should not discount the fact that people are attracted by what they see, men who parade around like peacocks are usually frowned upon by both women and other men. Subtlety is the key. In the 191 Unlimited khaki cargo belt shorts, you can parade your wonderfully sculpted legs without coming off as a show-off. Bask in attention as you walk gracefully in the 191 Unlimited khaki belted pants without looking like a swaggering cowboy in a long-forgotten Western movie. You can also practice the art of subtlety by donning one of the slim ties that match any 191 Unlimited long-sleeved shirt.

191 Unlimited at DealByEthan.com

The art of sensuality and the art of subtlety are not mutually exclusive. Mystery, which is a vital component of the art of dating, is built on subtlety. Satisfaction, which breeds contentment and longevity of relationships, is built on sensuality. If you aspire to possess both, then the 191 Unlimited collection at DealByEthan.com is the choice for you.

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