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Get the best of both worlds with Geovanny Underwear

The American fashion brand Geovanny Underwear is quite ambitious with its aim at producing underwear that is only functional but does not fall on the style factor as well! The styles of underwear that the brand manufactures are all stylish as well as vastly functional!

The brand manufactures and produces a range of various styles of men’s underwear like bikini swimwear, boxer brief underwear, jock strap underwear, brief underwear, etc. Besides underwear it also produces tank top t shirts and short sleeved t shirts.

The bikini swimwear collection of Geovanny Underwear can become the hottest thing that you flaunt this summer. The swimwear has two zipper pockets on the side and there is a lovely sheen due to the material used which adds to the fun element. The colours that the bikini swimwear is available in are white, black, blood red and electric purple. Just pick whichever colour catches your fantasy.

The boxer brief collection of Geovanny Underwear has different ranges like Michael, Kal-El and Will. These are available in the basic colours white and black. If the base of the underwear is white, then the waistband is in black, adding to the contrast affect. The waistband has the Geovanny logo across it! They are available in ling cut and short cut varieties. The material used is a blend of 6% spandex and 94% cotton. The predomination of cotton means that no matter for how long you war them, you will feel comfortable.

The brief underwear collection also has varieties in the length and their specific functionalities. If you want plain colours, you can have solids but in a myriad of colours though! There is also the enhanced brief underwear which gives your assets an enhanced appearance. The fabric that predominates is cotton and the touch of spandex adds slight stretchability to it.

Jock straps are mainly used for their functionality, but here too you will find choices. There is the jockstrap that gives you only utility, and there is another called the garter jockstrap underwear which adds to the style factor of the garment with its bold and unique cut and design at the back. There are a number of colours available in the range including pink for those men who love to be bold and be different.

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