2(x)ist Men's Underwear

2xist Underwear Is Like Getting a Rolls Royce Phantom for $15!!

Nah, you can`t get a Rolls for $15, but you`ll get as close to the feeling of owning one as you can get, just by wearing 2(x)ist underwear. Here`s a quick psychology lesson: you don`t really want the Rolls, you want the feeling that goes with it, the feeling the Rolls produces when you drive it. However, with 2(x)ist being the most luxurious underwear brand out there (hence the comparison with the Rolls), you`ll get that feeling of being in a Rolls, and feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.  

It is said by many men who have worn 2(x)ist underwear that its fabrics are the softest and most comfortable in the world.  Let us take you through a quick tour of the 2(x)ist underwear brand. Why are they at the forefront? Because:

  • They set the trends, not follow them, by always using new fabrics, vibrant colours and innovative designs.
  • They work around the clock to provide men around the world with underwear that is always softer, sexier, dryer, more elegant and more comfortable than any produced by the competitors.
  • Due to their constant research, they know more about what kind of underwear you need than you know yourself.
  • They don’t shy away from trying out new things.

If you think that the above statements are understatements, check out some of the amazing features that 2(x)ist brand offers:

  • Carbon fibre fabrics (check out the carbon no show brief), which are made by burning bamboo into a charcoal. The charcoal is then infused into polyester yarn during spinning. This provides you with supremely durable underwear that absorbs moisture better than any other fabric out there. This fabric is also known to be a natural deodorizer, so your package will even smell good. What more can you ask for from your underwear?
  • They even respect Mother Nature by using soy cottons to make underwear. This fabric is regarded as some of the finest, most comfortable fabric today, and is even considered to be more luxurious than cashmere.
  • The ultra comfortable varsity line (check out the varsity trunk) made from fantastic modal-cotton that resists time and detergent.
  • They feature one of the most unique and comfortable surfing briefs out there (check out the gorgeous surf collection brief underwear).

To see more great products in the 2xist line of underwear, visit DealByEthan.com today!

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