If 3G Actualwear designed space ships, aliens would flock to buy them. Why? Because this brand designs nothing short of perfection. If it was possible to describe the effort that has been put into the design of these amazing underwear and swimwear products, like the incredibly sexy, sleek, lime-colored Vogue biker swimwear, you`d be shocked that they allow their products to sell for such low prices.

3G Actualwear products are meticulously designed to suit the needs of the modern man. Nothing is left to chance and no stone is left unturned, which results in colors that are unmatched and fabrics that never fall short of perfection.

However, in order to really stand out from other brands, 3G Actualwear carefully incorporates their profuse knowledge of fabrics and design into manufacturing underwear and swimwear that are also supremely comfortable. They use only the finest of fabrics in order to fulfill their vision of what a comfortable garment is. 3G Actualwear knows the level of comfort you deserve, and they always exceed your expectations.  Even the tough, virile army brief underwear  is still so comfortable that it makes you feel like you’re floating on the clouds wearing your favorite bunny slippers (c`mon, we all have those stacked somewhere where no one can see them!).

In their own words, 3G Actualwear aims to bring perfect equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics when it comes to underwear and swimwear. This is why whether you choose their bikini swimwear, boxer briefs, briefs, G-strings, jammer swimwear, loungewear, muscle top T-shirts, pouch underwear, short-sleeved T-shirts, swimwear shorts, square cut trunk swimwear, tank top T-shirts or thongs, you are guaranteed several things:

  • supreme designs
  • fabulous colors
  • an outstanding level of comfort
  • the finest fabrics
  • constant innovation and improvement of their products

Choose 3G Actualwear and be ahead of the game when it comes to what you wear swimming, at work, on a night out on the town or just hanging around the house. No matter what the venue, you are sure to feel comfortable and look sexy (Be sure to check out this sizzling hot army pouch underwear. It`ll make you feel like a sexy sergeant, and you get to give the orders!).

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