The name of Clever underwear is quite renowned in the world of fashion and most of all, in men’s underwear. However, in Fall 2008, the label decided to launch Pikante, another underwear brand which is just an extension of the brand. Pikante has almost the same sensibilities as Clever, except for the fact that Pikante has a flashier twist in very similar cuts. Pikante underwear is available in various styles like brief, trunk, thong, jockstrap and bikini.

The emphasis of Pikante underwear is on shiny finishes, mesh and printed stretches of cotton fabrics. Pikante offers thongs in the shine collection and this collection also includes the bikini brief cut. There are a variety of colours included in the shine collection of Pikante like red, purple, blue, silver and gold all of which have a metallic finish to them! The fabric used in the collection is a mix of 4% spandex and 96% nylon, resulting in a thin and stretchy fabric which is almost see-through! However, it is extremely smooth. The finish on the exterior part is sort of reflective. The interior part on the other hand is matte and has less shine!

The elastic waistband of Pikante Shine Thong is quite comfortable. The waistband’s top part has a red stripe around it and the Pikante logo is repeated in gray along the entire length of the band. There is a Pikante logo tag on the waistband’s interior.

The fit of the thong is quite good and the cut of the thong’s backstrap is very traditional; the waistband’s base is where it starts from, then tapering to the narrowest point. A black elastic run along the strap’s edges and the pouch’s front and the fabric does not cover it. The elastic is sewn cleanly on the fabric and serves its essential function well enough.

The pouch design of Pikante Shine Thong is single-layer, providing good lifting and shaping. The thin fabric along with single layer construction makes the thong revealing, so you should wear it with caution!

Pikante Shine Thong has nice sporty appeal to it while at the same time the availability in so many colours make wearing the men’s underwear a fun affair!

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