Arroyman Men's Underwear

Arroyman X-Treme Tactel Boxer Brief Underwear – Marine

The past few years have seen Arroyman diversify its product range to include a mix of new fabrics, cuts and patterns. With every new design, Arroyman ensures that it creates a product that will fit your body perfectly.

The Arroyman Marine X-Treme Tactel Boxer Brief is an undergarment that will be highly appreciated by your partner. The beauty of this piece is that it is neither as long nor too short, but something in between, which is why it is called the X-Treme boxer.

The waistband of this X-Treme boxer is made from high quality elastic that is never tight or constricting. In addition, the sexy, low cut of this brief is perfect for men who love wearing low-rise jeans and flaunting the contours of their bodies. Tailored from soft Tactel fabric, this boxer brief is supremely comfortable and won’t shrink.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Arroyman Marine X-Treme Tactel Boxer Brief at today!

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