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Assault Shirts: Made for Sexy Men of Action

Assault as defined by several dictionaries relates to aggression. However, the word could also be defined in another way. An assault could mean an action that is completely unexpected and original. The word can be associated with men who are involved in military, business, political or gaming strategies. It could also mean “taking action,” which is why the shirts in the Assault collection at are associated with men of action. No man is sexier than one who acts, especially in times of crisis. Heroes have always been sexy because they are men of action.

Sexy Socio-Political Themes

You have several options to choose from if you prefer to wear the sexy Assault shirts with socio-political themes. These shirts make you look sophisticated, opinionated,  capable of standing up to someone and protecting someone in times of socio-political turbulence. A few examples of these sexy shirts are: 

  • Radioactive II: This shirt was inspired by George Bush when he made a blunder about the role of governments. Embedded in the design of the shirt is the phoenix bird, which is symbolic for political resurrection. Strongly worded and designed, the shirt is made from fine jersey material, which makes it even more priceless. Move with ease, assault political sensibilities and arrest attention with this provocative shirt.
  • Skull Propaganda: A shirt that denounces propaganda and announces the death of a political era. Its skull design brings to mind how the elite conspire to brainwash the multitudes for their own purposes. It’s also a strong voice against corporate propaganda, especially where cartels are involved. It’s a shirt that exudes true masculine sexiness and an air of protest.
  • Zombie: This shirt deals with issues concerning the imminent doom of humanity due to consumerism and neglect of the environment. It is a strong call to get back to the basics and relearn things, or even unlearn them. Wear this sexy Assault shirt and garner the attention of nature and environment lovers. There’s nothing sexier than a man who cares for something other than himself.

 Sexy Gothic Themes

Gothic begets mystery. Mystery begets fascination. Fascination begets sexy attraction. When you wear these Assault shirts, you will definitely feel the rise in your desirability index as women try to understand what your shirt’s design means. Some of the interesting designs are the following: 

  • Death Star: This shirt shows Death in the shape of a star, complete with his scythe and ready to rip away life with glee. It exudes black humor and a lot of sexy gothic undertones. It’s a very comfortable shirt that fits snugly to the body and moves when you move.
  • Razor Metal: This shirt is a subtle protest against the current pop rock scene or genre where angst and oblivion are absent. It is a slap on the wrist of mediocrity and sallow tastes in music. Wear it and say, “I’m not mediocre. I’m sexy.”

Assault could mean a direct response to what is imminently harmful to those who need protection, a pre-emptive option to curtail further damage and a tactic to solve an existing problem or to prevent a situation from turning into a problem. Whatever emotion, opinion or idea you want to convey, you’ll find an Assault shirt to convey it at

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