Aware Soho

Aware Soho Red As Jock Strap Underwear To Get Hot

Get aware, sexy and comfortable with Aware SOHO Red As Jock Strap Underwear.  Aware SOHO has crafted the sexiest yet comfy jockstrap in basic white with a very contemporary 1.5 inches red waistband. The waistband displays the AWARE SOHO brand in the front centre panel in bright red and white adding to the charm of an erotic yet sophisticated jockstrap. Red As Jock Strap Underwear offers extraordinary craftsmanship and Aware SOHO has endeavoured to build a quality men’s underwear with top class materials, which adds to the ease. The jockstrap has been designed out of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane.  Elastane allows the pouch to mould adequately about your package and makes it look further enticing for all possible suitors.

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