Your brand determines your position and popularity. So why compromise with it. Even when you are buying your underwear make sure it offers you style and comfort. Calvin Klein, which has dominated the world of fashion for so many years, offers you the best quality brief underwear. So if you want to be a manly style icon just get Calvin Klein X Hip Brief Underwear!

A quick glance at Calvin Klein X Hip Brief Underwear reveals it perfect cut and superb finish. The white background contrasted with a broad black waistband simply makes you irresistible! The waistband has the brand name patterned on it, which gives you the freedom to reveal the waistband from under your pants.

Calvin Klein is very particular about the quality of its products. This brief underwear is made up of modal (45%), cotton (44 %) and elastane (11%). It is perfect combination to ensure tightness and elasticity. It is also available in four different sizes – small, medium, large and extra large, catering to everyone. This hip brief underwear adheres tightly to your hip giving it the perfect shape you need to look sexy! Today, the world demands something extra from you. So add something extra in your life by getting Calvin Klein X Hip Brief Underwear.

A time has come when underwear is no longer considered unimportant apparel but a most important part of your closet. In fact your entire getup in ruined if you use the wrong sort of underwear. Often you make the mistake of choosing the wrong brand that offers you comfort but not style. At times you are confused and have to make a compromise between the two. Calvin Klein is there to solve your dilemma. Get your Calvin Klein X Hip Brief Underwear and enhance your looks!

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