Candyman underwear and costumes are literally what dreams and fantasies are made of. This brand of naughty costumes and men’s underwear manufacturer strives to cater the very best for those who like to add some spice to their love life, and want to make their underwear experience a different one each time they are with that someone special.

Candyman manufactures a range of unique and awesome costumes as well as men’s underwear in different styles like thong underwear, jockstrap underwear, g string underwear, brief underwear, boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, etc.

Candyman produces around 17 costumes of various types like handyman outfit, super hero outfit, western nightmare, private first class server, seductive navy captain, air force marchal outfit, rebel devil, fire me up outfit, desire pirate, sultry commander outfit, men of night, officer naughty, at your services, heartbreak clown, ride on cowboy, midnight devil, knockout nurse, etc. As can be seen from this list, the costumes are of varied and of almost every imaginable type. The collection is colourful and funky and great to sport. Nothing will be quite the same when you wear Candyman costumes.

Candyman underwear adds a whole new dimension to the Candyman brand with their boldness, risqué and sexy styles.

Bikini style of men’s underwear by Candyman is available in more or less classic styles. The material used is comfortable for all day wearing. The style is sensible and highlights all your best features. It is available in basic colours like royal blue, grey, black, turquoise, yellow and white.

Boxer brief underwear by Candyman is available in choices galore with more than 60 variants for you to choose from. They are a unique combination of sexiness and practicality. There are healthy proportions of sheer mesh and lace to add oodles of sexiness. Some of the styles come with suspenders, some with designs or cut outs on the pouch.

Brie underwear by Candyman is also available is around 65 various styles, cuts and colours. You can get them in normal kinds which are made of a mix of materials like 4% spandex and 96% nylon. You can also get them in lace and mesh materials as well.

Thong underwear manufactured by Candyman also has choices galore with around 65 different styles.

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