Men's Underwear

Fashion trends in men’s underwear

Fashion trends have made their way into the wardrobe of men. It is not just limited to the females alone. Men’s underwear is not just limited to boxers and briefs. There has been introduction of stylish and sexy inner wear in the catalogue of men’s underwear. Everyday different brands are introducing and launching different styles of underwear for men who have brought about a transformation not only in the fashion world but also in the preferences of inner wear among men. Designers of men’s underwear are trying new things everyday and launching new designs and styles of underwear for men by using different colors, fabrics and designs.

Men’s underwear which includes the basic boxers and briefs had always been restricted to the color white with very limited designs and styles. However things have changed designers while designing boxers and briefs are playing with vibrant colors and using fabrics which are more comfortable. Stylish underwear which makes the man feel sexy and comfortable at the same time is preferred by men. It pleases and appeals to them. Recently it has been a trend among guys and men to wear low waist jeans and pants displaying branded underwear. Men believe that wearing good branded underwear represents their lifestyle and status.

Fabrics like Lycra, mesh and other breathable fabrics are being used by designers as these are comfortable and appeal to the men. Sheer materials and silk which were only used for female lingerie are being used for men’s underwear. New patterns of boxers are being introduced like u shaped, v shaped, baggy fitting, body hugging etc for men of different tastes. Brands like Pipe Underwear, Arroyman, Doreanse, NY Jox, Male Basics Lingerie, Narcisco, California Muscle, Aware Soho etc are available in various online stores from where these latest and trendy underwear can be purchased. These companies are innovative in design and making of underwear and appeals to the men immensely as they suit their taste and preferences.

Majority of men prefer wearing regular boxers, either boxer briefs or boxer shorts. They use it on a daily basis and so comfort factor ranks top in the basic need list. Athletic men prefer boxer briefs as they are comfortable as well as fitting. Various kinds of boxers are available for use which are sexy as well as comfortable and offers support and cover. Some are body hugging and have good fit while some are regular loose fitting ones usually used for sleeping. Woven boxers are also preferred by men who use tight fitting or slim shaped trousers as they offer perfect fit. It is best for people who are wearing low waist jeans.

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