Ergowear collection is not one of those brands that simply designs and sews together pieces of fabric to create swimwear or underwear, but it is one of those brands that involves scientific textile engineering to create something that is totally comfortable and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. Their designs thus give a perfect fit to men. Their main attention and focus lay on fulfilling the needs of the male body.

The brand was founded in Chile. In 2003, everyone saw their innovation with the creation of the first original three-dimensional elastic pouch. The designing and creation is handled by Comercial Herfer Limitada. The manufacture of the products happens at Santiago.

Ergowear bikini swimwear does not boast of revealing designs, but it serves the purpose which the brand is known for. It gives great fit and lift, thus improving the overall look of the wearer. It has draw cords which make it fit well, and ensure that it is safe for diving. There is no inner lining which makes it dry up very fast. The material is a mix of lycra and nylon. Their bikini underwear is seamless and the mix of elastane and cotton makes the underwear very comfortable.

Ergowear boxer brief underwear is made of antimicrobial fabric, which is a mix of incopper polyester, cotton and elastan. The blend gives unique protection to the skin from infections caused by microorganisms. In fact, this germicidal property of the fabric does not wash or wear away with washing cycles or time. The three dimensional pouch gives great enhancement and shape to the wearer, but the underwear is comfortable at the same time and the seam is smooth and does not show.  All of these properties are also found in the brief underwear of this brand.

Ergowear jock strap underwear is the ultimate in sports underwear. It is comfortable, protective and supportive. Not only sportsmen, but also those who want some extra support can opt for this type of underwear. They give a great lifting effect to the wearer.

Sportsmen who need something extra can opt for the Ergowear compression shorts and long underwear pants as well.

The square cut trunk swimwear made by Ergowear is the ultimate in modest yet sexy men’s wear. Those who love to flaunt their daring assets can opt for this thong swimwear or thong underwear, which is extremely comfortable and sexy at the same time.

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