During sporting activities or when you are undergoing physically strenuous activities, the problem of sweat becomes a real dampener on the spirits of many. Sweat is one problem that is hard to control, and people from time immemorial have suffered at the hands of uncontrollable sweat. But not anymore! FEEL U, an international supplier and brand, have come up with a solution that is sure to make people suffering from this torment sit up with a smile!

The range of men’s underwear from FEEL U boasts of using the material modal that minimises the problem of sweat! This manmade fibre has been constructed with pure wooden chips made of beech trees. It is 100% natural and is claimed to be the world’s softest fibre. This ideal body conscious clothing gives you relief from sweat and provides comfort to the wearer. The material is water absorbent; in fact, it can absorb 50% more water than ordinary cotton. The smoothness of modal reminds the wearer of silk and it is shrinkage resistant. A win-win situation for all!

The fabric is stretchable in all directions and promises a great fit without being too obstructive! The fabric is fast drying and sweat-proof, keeping you cool and calm for all day activities to be done with full confidence and dedication. When you wear men’s underwear made from this material you will feel as if you are wearing nothing!

Amongst the various styles of men’s underwear manufactured by FEEL U their boxer brief underwear and brief underwear deserve special mention due to the tremendous popularity that they enjoy.

The boxer brief underwear is perfectly fitted with it being neither too tight nor too loose. The men’s underwear is seamless so that you can wear it underneath tight jeans or trousers without the fear of any lines becoming visible. It has fully covered back and is low rise in design.

The same attributes as that of the boxer brief underwear are seen in the brief underwear of FEEL U as well!

FEEL U underwear is available in limited and basic colours like white. Most of the underwear styles come in soft and subtle colours that look and feel soothing.

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