Great TV Programs To Inspire Your Own Fashion Photography

One of the most best thing about getting new clothing, is taking your own fashion photos, modelling your amazing garments, as so many Deal By Ethan customers do. You can send them to friends, or post them on your Instagram page. It doesn’t just have to be a selfie shot though – you can really get inspired and create some truly inspirational and unique fashion photography. There are some great TV programs that can help you get some original ideas for your pictures.


Top Photographer

Top Photographer is hosted by LGBT activist, Nigel Barker, known for his work with Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. The program follows a similar competition format to ANTM, with contestants facing a number of different photography tasks every week. For the amateur fashion photographer there are always hints and tips to be learned from each inspiring challenge, from how to best illuminate the human body, to letting the clothes tell a story. You can also try the Top Photographer challenges yourself, helping you to move out of your photography comfort zone and take a new approach with your pictures.


Sky Arts Masters Of Photography

Sky Arts Masters of Photography is an exceptionally well-made reality show that offers amatuer and semi-professional photographers the chance to win, not only the title of Best New European Photographer, but also $150,000. The show is hosted by the phenomenally beautiful Isabella Rossini. There is some great professional advice every week, from the likes of industry big guns, Bruce Gilden, Dave LaChapelle and Alex Webb. It is not just about lighting and compositions though. You can also learn about creating a photo collage and editing your photos. When you’ve taken your fashion photos, you can even get them printed online and made into beautiful canvases to put on your bedroom wall.


Everybody Street

If you want to give your fashion photography an authentic and real twist, then Everybody Street is the documentary for you. It is about the history of street photography in New York – the ultimate catwalk. Category is uniqueness, nerve and raw beauty. Everybody Street features some incredibly original photographers, including Joel Meyerowitz, Jill Freedman and Elliott Erwitt. From watching this documentary you can pick up some amazing tips and advice on how to give your own fashion photography a visceral and real quality.

Through your personal pictures, you can really celebrate the human body and your unique clothing. You can document your fashion journey and inspire others to do the same.

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