How You Can Get The Latest Men’s Fashion For Less

The men’s fashion industry is growing at a faster pace than the female one. As fashion conscious males strive to look their best, men’s clothing sales are expected to increase by 12.9% by 2021. In comparison, sales of female attire are set to expand by just 1.4%. However, looking good comes at a cost. Complex reports that the average American male spends $85 a month on clothing and accessories. And, perfecting your style and overall look can cost even more when you’re purchasing the current season’s biggest fashion trends. Thankfully, though, you can look great for less with these top tips.

Invest in staple pieces

Your love for fast fashion may make the $20 pair of men’s jeans you picked up look like a steal, but it will actually cost you more in the long run. Tasha Lewis of Cornell University states that “It used to be four seasons in a year; now it may be up to 11 or 15 or more.” As a result, male consumers are purchasing more low price apparel which isn’t made to last. To truly get the most for your money, it’s worth investing in a handful of timeless staple pieces, such as a crew neck jumper and white fitted shirt, that will wear and wash well. While you will pay out more initially for these items, they’ll pay for themselves in the long run.

Photo by Hardini Lestari on Unsplash

Rent your style 

Every man knows that purchasing a fashionable outfit for a special occasion is expensive. But you need never splash out on a pricey tuxedo again. The rental fashion market is growing at a rapid pace. One men’s rental business which rents out suits for two weeks at a cost of just $95 has just raised $30 million in funding. Renting fashion is the ideal way to look great, to monitor your fashion expenditure and to ensure that you keep your bank balance healthy. Credit repair experts at Crediful ( state that you should always “Compare hundreds of financial products to find the best fit for you.” Therefore, when it comes to saving cash so you can rent the latest apparel, be sure to utilize a high-interest checking or savings account.

Fake it

One of this season’s hottest men’s fashion trends is leather jackets. However, a real leather jacket can cost thousands of dollars, which for most modern men is too costly to consider. Thankfully, you can still rock the leather jacket by opting for a faux-leather stylish piece. However, if faking it isn’t for you, make sure you shop around for the real deal. Business Insider reports that a genuine and stylish leather jacket can be picked up for less than $450 when you shop at the right fashion stores.

Males up and down the country are regularly spending large sums of cash in order to look their best. However, there are some great ways you can look fashionable and on-trend without spending a fortune. Therefore, make sure you invest in staple items of clothing, consider renting high-end pieces and opt for faux fashion.

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