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If Einstein Made Underwear, It Would Be as Perfect as Ergowear Underwear and Swimwear

Can you imagine what would it be like if someone like Einstein devoted his entire life to making underwear? What could you expect such a brilliant mind to come up with? How would that affect your comfort, self confidence and performance?

Believe it or not, we have the answer. It might be a little farfetched to compare Einstein with an underwear manufacturer, but Ergowear is as scientific about making underwear and swimwear as a manufacturer can get.

Dozens of their scientists and researchers experiment, look at problems from every possible angle for improvements, meticulously search for answers from men all around the world, find out what they need, and then come up with breakthrough solutions that change the face of the underwear industry in an instant.

Ergowear’s PLUS underwear, such as this Ergowear Plus white brief, has the only 3-dimensional, seamless pouch. Due to neutralization of the elastane, this kind of pouch lifts the genitals without compressing them, which allows your assets to rest comfortably in the undergarment.

Made from modal-lycra, products in their MAX collection, like the comfortable and supportive Ergowear Max Light midcut  boxer, are highly absorbent, light-weight, soft and more resistant to shrinking than underwear made from regular cotton.

Ergowear’s X3D swimwear collection features breathtaking suits, such as the red Ergowear X3D square cut swimsuit, made from a blend of polyamide and elastane. This combination allows moisture to flow freely cross the fabric, which in turn makes you feel cooler and reduces the proliferation of germs.

Bottom line? Ergowear is a brand run by scientists who leave nothing unresearched. This is the first time in history where the laws of physics are utilized to create underwear and swimwear that provide you with the ultimate in comfort. Visit and browse through their collection of Ergowear swimwear and underwear today!

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