Around 2009 N2N Bodywear refreshed some of their pre-existing lines and along with some new lines were also launched which had fresh designs and this included the Luxe line. The line has underwear in just the basic colours- white and black and the waistband is oversized in metallic steel blue. There are three different cuts and styles of men’s underwear under the range- trunk, jock and the one in discussion, the brief.

The fit of N2N Bodywear Luxe brief is excellent. There can be no complaints about the material department as N2N Bodywear is known for its no compromise attitude in case of materials used. The material used is a mix of 8% spandex and 92% polyester. The feel of the material is thin and smooth which feels really good! There is a slight shiny finish to the material and it is quite stretchable!

The Luxe line’s waistband is not like the waistband found in the previous different lines of N2N Bodywear! It measures at 1 ¾ inches and thus is quite a wide waistband when compared to other ranges and styles. A micro fibre material forms the waistband. It is firm when stretched but at the same time thin as well! The logo of N2N Bodywear is marked all round the waistband in contrast to the dark colour of the waistband.

The waistband’s interior back has the logo as well as the wash/ care tags. Shiny nylon forms the material for the tag and is extremely smooth. The low profile that it maintains makes it not at all irritating to the skin when you wear the brief.

The brief has full coverage at the back and the rise is a bit higher than normally expected! From the narrowest point, the sides come in at 1 inch which includes the elastic leg bands and excludes the waistband.

The single layer material of the brief’s frontal part is bound to turn quite a few heads when worn! The base seam pouch of the brief’s front is quite simple. Some shaping and lifting is carried out by the pouch of the underwear; however the enhancement is not too much. The design and fabric of the pouch aim to give a ’molded’ effect, instead of the ‘cupping’ effect.

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