Whenever you imagine loungewear, the first image that comes in the mind is an outfit that elevates your comfort level. A light and comfortable outfit created from high quality fabric that helps your skin to breathe and enables you to relax. Presently, quite a number of brands are competing with one another; trying to bring out the best designs as far as loungewear or rather, lounge robes are concerned. However, one brand that has emerged to be a trendsetter for fashionable men and is constantly experimenting with novel designs is Olaf Benz.

Although it originated in Germany in the year 1989, this brand has become extremely popular among men because of its innovative men’s apparel. Leading designer Alfons Krauzer makes sure that his brand uses premium fabric and the design of each outfit enhances the image of today’s fashion conscious man. Apart from loungewear, Olaf Benz also specializes in other menswear like swimwear, broadshorts beachwear, bodysuits, bikini underwear, boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, G String underwear, jockstrap underwear, long sleeved T Shirts, muscle Top T Shirts, pants, short-sleeved T Shirts and other outfits.

If you set your eyes on the Olaf Benz RED Lounge Robe, you will immediately realize why any man would crave it. After a rigorous workout session, just slip into this exclusive lounge robe and let all your muscles relax.  The fabric that goes in creating this fabulous lounge robe consists of polyamide (93%) and elastane (7%). These two materials make the robe quite durable and long lasting. Moreover, the presence of these materials makes this lounge robe the perfect outfit to wear after a rigorous swimming session or after some exercise. Being sleeveless, this robe provides immense comfort to the wearer. Available in two different shades (white and black) and five different sizes – small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large; this lounge robe is indeed suitable apparel for men.

Relaxation is the most important part of any workout session. Therefore, you have to be very careful while choosing an appropriate outfit during this period. An excessively tight or a costume created from rough fabric would not do. So, grab the Olaf Benz RED Lounge Robe and enjoy your leisure time!

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