The world of fashion is stylish and while making new styles, and creating fashions and trends, competition is often cut throat. One of the brands that has combined the very unique and elusive qualities of humaneness and stylishness is Lupo! Rarely does one see a combination like this, but with Lupo you will be enamoured by their uniqueness and creativity in their styles and designs as well as the humane side that they display.

This Brazilian brand never fails to amaze its customers by the style statement it displays, and on top of that, the brand is very green conscious as well! They recycle the paper and plastic waste that occurs due to their business operations. To top it off, they even donate a part of the profits generated by their sales to a particular African program that runs an orphanage and provide education, housing and food to less fortunate little children.

Lupo manufactures a vast range of stylish and customer friendly products but the brief underwear and boxer brief underwear produced by the brand is especially very popular.

The boxer brief underwear made by Lupo is available in a huge variety of colours and prints, and you can get them in printed or in solid colours as well. It is available in various colours like red, green, blue, white, gray, black, yellow, etc. Their men’s underwear is seamless and so perfect it can be worn under tightly fitted trousers. The materials used differ from style to style. Their cotton boxers are made of a mix of 5% elastane, 28% nylon and 67% cotton, while some others have percentages of mix like 5% elastane and 95% cotton, 3% elastane, 33% nylon and 64% modal, 4% elastane, 7% polyester and 89% nylon.

The slip brief underwear created by Lupo is available in many colours and there are around 20 variants. This brief underwear is available in mono colours which add to the sophistication and delicacy of this article of menswear. It is seamless and the waistbands are muted and not in contrasting colours. The materials used are varied like mix of 5% elastane and 95% cotton, 3% elastane, 33% nylon and 64% modal.

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