The year 1998 was the time when the dreams and imagination of many were realised including founder Larry Flynt, whose motto was to make it possible for people to get hold of adult stuff without feeling cheap! The product line of Hustler is ever expanding and has been catering to a wide class of people with the refreshing and bright concepts and designs!

Although the brand had basically started off manufacturing underwear and lingerie for the female population, it realised the potential for catering to the male population as well. The types and variety of styles produced by Hustler include bikini underwear, g string underwear, boxer brief underwear, loose boxer shorts underwear, thong underwear, jock strap underwear, etc.

Their bikini style of underwear defers vastly from the normal style available elsewhere under other brand names. The style looks like an ordinary bikini underwear but you have to ‘peel’ it to reveal its true nature! The hidden feature is the Velcro which can be torn away with just the flick of the wrist! There is Velcro on both the sides and the material used is durable and smooth microfiber.

The boxer brief underwear also comes with a twist! There is the tie boxer brief which resembles a tux! The cut is enhancing and improves the profile of the wearer. They also have a style which is just perfect for daily wear without any frills and fancies. It will help you keep a low and smooth profile.

The g string produced by Hustler has what is called by brand as ‘whistle enhancing sleeve’ which is actually a whistle-like contraption on the pouch.

The Hustler jock strap is classic, and does not boast of any frills with its simple design. The pouch is lifting and enhancing, thereby offering great profile view!

The loose boxer shorts underwear from Hustler is available in a variety of colours and prints. The style is crafted from woven cotton which is extremely soft and comfortable. The style has the emblem of Hustler on it.

Hustler has thongs just like everyone else, but if you want something different then try their unzip-it thong. There is a reinforced zipper on the pouch. The material is comfortable and stretchy, offering plenty of space for movement.

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