Shorts have been popular among men for a long time. In fact, it is indeed hard to trace its origins. However, Bermuda shorts came into fashion during the 20th century and then, with the passage of time, designs of shorts evolved a lot and became quite stylish and trendier. Even sportsmen playing hockey, football, basketball or rugby chose shorts as sportswear. This outfit can be worn during workout sessions or other sports, or it can be worn while relaxing. Looking at the popularity of shorts among today’s men, eminent designers have been trying their level best to make casual shorts more modish and chic.

Different brands specializing in menswear are manufacturing some trendy shorts that are liked by metro sexual men worldwide. Among the different brands, PIPE is one such brand that has satisfied the needs of men consistently. Shorts designed by this brand are not only comfortable but help to enhance your sizzling looks. A momentary glance at the PIPE College Jock College Shorts proves this point. Unlike ordinary, plain-looking shorts, these shorts can be worn with a casual T-shirt on any casual occasion on hot summer days. Being made from polyester, the shorts remain perfectly tight and stretchable. Moreover, the design is indeed eye-catching. PIPE College Jock College Shorts are provided with a drawstring that allows you to adjust the outfit accordingly for a better fit.

PIPE is a leading brand creating stylish menswear. It was started by ace designer Palachio who felt the need to create some chic and sexy menswear, especially men’s underwear that will be liked by men who are bored of wearing the same old designs. However, Palachio was also concerned about the comfort of men. Therefore, he chose to use only high quality and breathable fabrics for creating all his outfits. Apart from shorts, PIPE also manufactures boxer brief underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, tank top T-shirts and short sleeved T-shirts.

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