Paint The Beach Red With Ergowear X3D Squarecut Swimsuit Red

Ergowear swimwear is hitting the beach with their amazing Ergowear X3D Squarecut and Ergowear X3D swimwear. Ergowear is a very successful men’s underwear brand who have expanded the range to include these incredible sexy men’s swimwear designs. Ergowear X3D swimwear has a three dimensional pouch and this men’s square cut swimwear separates that lifts you out from the body to a snug and a naturally enhanced style. Ergowear X3D Squarecut is the largest men’s swimwear in the X3D rang. You get a draw cord which allows safe diving. Ergowear X3D swimwear looks sexy and vibrant in red and has been designed in Nylon and Lycra blend.

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