Singapore Fashion Brands That You Need to Know

Fashion is a topic that most people, especially women, enjoy. It covers trending clothes, shoes and accessories. Singapore has its share of the best fashion in the world. Being a fast-developing state with many wealthy business people and tourists from all over the world, you can only expect the finest fashion. If you are planning to travel to Singapore and you have already made the arrangements with the leading immigration document processing agency – Visa Express, then you need to prepare yourself to experience the exceptional fashion of Singapore. Here are top designer brands that you need to know.

Beyond the Vines

Women who have a taste for fashion will love this designer shop. It specializes in women’s clothes, shoes and accessories of the finest quality any person can imagine. According to those who have bought clothes from this designer, they love the quality, comfort and elegance of this brand. One of the senior designers on the scene claims that their theme is a flattering contour created by soft and elegant fabric. High-end people from all over the world have been spotted shopping here on many occasions.


This is yet another women’s fashion designer dominating the fashion arena in Singapore. They focus on both dresses and casual wear for all women without compromising on the quality they deliver. It is simply hard to walk away from this store without buying something. What makes them even more popular is their affordable price and availability in different locations like Vivocity and Tangs Orchard mall.


This Japanese-inspired fashion line is for men who cherish elegant fashion. Probably, they are the only designer offering clothes from the finest fabrics from all over the world. All their clothes are tailored by experienced designers from Japan to retain their authenticity. If you have been here before, you will find totally new designs since they refresh their collection for new tastes every few months. It is easy to shop here online and find value for every coin you spend.

Benjamin Barker

The name of the brand should tell it all. This is a men’s fashion line with a plethora of options. While the women have shopping fun at Aijek or any other designer stores mentioned, you will have all the options to choose from here. Since it is a local designer line, they offer a collection with a Singaporean taste. Here, you will find the best bespoke suits in Singapore, dress shirts and custom made jackets. What is more is that you will also discover an enticing array of accessories for men. These designer stores can be found in various locations all over Singapore and offer affordable prices.

Carrie K

Both men and women who love accessories will find what they are looking for here. This designer offers the finest in Singapore starting with necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches. Shopping at Carrie K can be a lot of fun, and you had better be prepared for the thrill. The authenticity is always maintained by the local founder Carolyn Kan. She inspects all the handmade crafts with zeal to offer the finest quality to all the customers who visit on a daily basis. Catch up with them in different locations daily.

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