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Stiffies is for Men who Demand Different and Sensational Looking Underwear

Are you looking for fitted underwear then take a closer look at Stiffies brand of underwear for men? The credit for designing Stiffies goes to 29 year old Australian designer, Andrew Archer, who is essentially an industrial designer and has worked in the field of retail interior as well as exhibition display design too. Archer has exhibited exceptional creative skills by designing Stiffies and there is no denial in the fact for the designer created a pair of underwear using wood.

The idea of stiffies came to Andrew some six years ago but it was only recently that he resolved to launch his creation formally. One fine day, one of Archer’s flat mates returned home and informed Andrew that after he told his girlfriend about Stiffies, she actually wanted to have a look at it, and upon his girlfriend’s request, the flat mate revealed his Stiffies to her. The flat mate then informed Archer that his girlfriend was more than excited to see it.

Following this incident, Andrew realized that he had created sensational and fabulous looking underwear, and he worked harder on his creations. Andrew also managed to establish tie-ups with a China based manufacturing company that agreed to sell his brand.

What has been really interesting for Andrew though is the fact that a lot of woman have approached him and given him positive feedback stating that the cuts, design of the pocket and the overall look of his underwear creations were marvelous and appealing. Apart from women, folks from the sports fraternity, including some of the leading sportsmen, have also given encouraging and positive responses to the designer, indicating that he had a bright future ahead in the men’s underwear industry. Many sports personalities shared with Andrew that the pockets of the underwear were comfortable and helped them concentrate on the game better.

The Stiffies brand of underwear come with a contoured pocket, which is essentially helps in enhancing the man’s package.  Depending upon your choice you can opt for either the right or left dressing option. Stiffies fitted boxer briefs feature a dual directional sling that can be easily accessed. Thanks to the sling, the underwear stretches easily and offers a lot of comfort to the wearer.

The product being discussed here is the Stiffies Boxer Brief Shape Fitting Underwear. Made from high quality fabric, which is essentially a mix of 92% cotton and 8% Spandex. This particular underwear is absolutely comfortable and features pocket that is crafted to fit different sizes and shapes.

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