2xist is considered as one of the foremost names in designer men’s underwear. Their motto is to offer casual and sophisticated underwear in the very latest styles. Their cuts and styles are aimed for accentuating and highlighting the male body.

The brand was found in 1991 and since then it has not cut short its stride in making male articles of clothing in cutting edge style. Over time, it has become an icon by itself and has led a revolution in the use of different materials, fabrics and technology to manufacture the best underwear meant for the modern man.

The boxer brief underwear from 2xist is particularly named as ‘no show’ and they do exactly that. The material that they are made of is a mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. You can take your pick from the vast collection of underwear available in bold prints and vibrant colours.

The brief underwear range of 2xist is available in two varieties- pouch and no show. The no show does what it claims and the pouch gives a better it and hugs the body at just the right places. They can be selected according to your needs and the colours that you want as well.

For sporty men, there is the jock strap underwear of 2xist which offers the right amount of support, protection and enhancement. These are available in many vivacious and fun colours to add some spark to the working out of the individual. The collection is truly inspiring and the material is a mix of 55% cotton, 37% modal and 8% spandex which make the fabric perfectly stretchable and comfortable even to wear for extended periods of time.

For those who need something extra from their athletic wear there is the long underwear pants by 2xist. These offer protection against the harshest calamities and weather. They are perfectly fitted and give great lifts so that even while indulging in sporty activities the outer appearance of the wearer is not spoilt.

The essential collection of the brand has a range of thongs which aims at pleasing the wearer. They are made of 100% cotton and there are many kinds of silhouettes to choose from. The construction is minimal so that it almost disappears when worn under your clothing.

2xist is the manufacturer of other varieties of male apparel like tank top t shirts, socks and short sleeved t shirts. Get 2xist at amazing prices from our store now!

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