Male Power has been known since its inception due to the extreme designs that they manufacture and advocate in their line of men’s underwear! Instead of the utility and function aspect of men’s underwear their focus has been on the erotica feature of underwear!

However, in the last couple of years we have seen a significant and notable change and shift from manufacturing bedroom underwear to manufacturing mainstream styles, designs and cuts. They have broadened their horizons and included products that are conservative and meant for day to day lives. The Male Power range of men’s underwear include styles like mini trunk, trunk, sport brief, brief, jock and the style in discussion- thong.

The thong style of men’s underwear is available in colours like red, blue, black and white. The fabric used for making this type of Male Power underwear is a blend of 5% lycra and 95% cotton. The fabric is medium weight and breathes well so that you may be assured that long hours of strenuous activities will not make you uncomfortable! It is decently stretchable. The waistband, made of very comfortable and smooth microfiber, measures 1 ¼ inches. The waistband’s material is medium weight, stretchable and at the same time, it can maintain its shape as well!

The waistband’s colour is basically white and black and the logo of Male Power is repeated all around it. The waistband has additional red and white stripes, providing some extra visual treatment to what is otherwise an extremely minimalist design.

The centre-back side of the underwear’s waistband has the logo tag of Male Power and the element used is a woven fabric and it measures ¾ x 1 7/8 inches. The tag runs along the waistband’s horizontal direction instead of the usual downwards.

This thong underwear from Male Power gives great fit without being too tight! The design of the strap at the back is standard; the pouch and strap sides are reinforced with elastic, helping to maintain the fit, preventing any unsightly gapping anywhere.

The pouch design is great and provides great shape and lift! The pouch’s front is single-layer and can be revealing at times, so when you actually buy it keep the visibility in mind as well!

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