God has been quite tricky while carving the human body. He has added such a great variety that it is indeed difficult to categorize. However men have found a way, thereby grouping individuals as obese, stocky, lean, wiry, skinny or shapely and muscular. Among all, those with shapely, well-toned muscular bodies have become the lucky ones to be admired by all. Designing clothes for those with great physiques is indeed quite challenging for designers, but 191 Unlimited makes it look easy.

Today’s men want pants that can serve a two- in-one purpose. Pants can be used for formal office use as well as for casual purposes. There is a third factor to it. The pants need to be trendy and exclusive. Girish Karnani and Parth Sharma, two close friends started this line in 2002. Both the designers have kept in mind the need of metro sexual men, therefore focusing on comfort, style, design and economy.

191 Unlimited introduces pants which are far too different from average junk pants. These pants have been designed with the purpose that they will cling to the body and give you a wiry and lean look without hampering the normal shape of the body. Thus, you will look sexy but not lanky. These pants come with easily detachable suspenders which can be attached or taken off to suit different situations. This is the reason why it serves a two-in-one purpose. It can suit your work place and be your companion on a casual day out. These pants are available in different sizes and can be suited for different individuals. The sensuous deep gray shade is particularly popular among men. Regular junk pants are drab, boring and shabby, but 191 Unlimited is much more than this.

The material that goes in making these pants is light and skin-friendly and takes care of your comfort. Apart from pants, 191 Unlimited offers a wide variety of products like long sleeved T- Shirts, long sleeved shirts, shorts, short sleeved shirts and many more products. Very gaudy attire merely extracts criticism and a very shabby dressing marks you as a loser.191 Unlimited has kept these issues in mind while designing its apparel. Thus their pants give you a dignified look by retaining your casual look. So what are you waiting for? Just add this new apparel to your collection and be a style icon!

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