This men’s underwear brand is a relatively new entrant in the world of men’s underwear and it is already creating ripples with its bold take on the styles of different kinds of sexy underwear for men. Their styles are bold and risqué and the patterns creative and wild. Zelus is a representation of the huge change that has developed with the active lifestyle which is demanding and taking a toll on the life of millions of people of today. The experience of wearing Zelus men’s underwear is a unique one with top quality materials used, which gives the wearer an ultimate feel and look.

Zelus men’s underwear helps redefine and refine styles of underwear as well as the expectations that a wearer has from it. The fit, style and comfort of the underwear are unparalleled and act as the key points and benefits of this underwear brand. The brand only uses the best quality materials available so that there can be no complaints about the material used, each of the manufactured products pass through rigorous testing so that the ultimate product that comes to you is the best. All these have contributed heavily to the ever-increasing popularity of this brand of men’s underwear.

According to the people at Zelus, even if underwear cannot be seen it is the most functional part of a person’s wardrobe, and it is essential that it is made from the best quality and makes the wearer feel good! There are basically two types of men’s underwear by Zelus – their rage- boxer brief underwear and brief underwear.

Their boxer brief underwear are available in a variety of colours and the material used in a combination of 7% lycra and 93% cotton. The mix in this proportion has the best of all the worlds- it is comfortable, offers perfect fit and contouring and dries off very quickly as well!

The brief underwear is available in traditional and hi cut styles. Both the styles can be got in a variety of different colours. The material used is 7% lycra and 93% cotton which offers the same beneficial qualities. The style of underwear can be available in combination of two colours as well which add a unique stylishness to it. This is definitely worth a look!

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