Magic Silk underwear is synonymous with erotica and a luxurious way of life. The brand’s association with the lingerie industry has been solid for over two decades and the brand has used this time to build a name and trust amongst its clientele. The brand has developed a unique knack of tapping into the innermost desires of man and producing them in a tangible form.

Not only does their underwear look great, but it gives a great and luxurious feeling, almost like you are royalty! Their designs and their huge range and variety of sexy men’s underwear have made the brand a household name almost! The variety of men’s underwear supplied by Magic Silk includes boxer brief underwear, bikini underwear, brief underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, g string underwear, lounge pants, etc.

The main feature of Magic Silk underwear is the fact that it uses 100% silk charmeuse and chiffon items! Yes, there is no use of cotton or other mundane materials and fabrics. The brand uses fabrics which are fit for kings- silk and chiffon, so you do not feel less than a king in any way! The resultant underwear is unbelievably sensual, playful, soft and innovative.

The bikini underwear of Magic Silk has a full seat and a fully covered back. The look is plain with no extravagant prints or designs, but once you wear them there is nothing less than extravagance there. The material is stretchy and lightweight, adding to the comfort factor.

The boxer brief of Magic Silk has buttons on the front of the pouch, which is an added feature. The waistband is in a contrasting colour and has the logo of the brand on it!

Magic Silk’s bikini underwear is just what a man wants and desires- covering all the essential parts and at the same time making you feel sexy! The waistband is of elastic and has the logo of Magic Silk on it.

One of the important things to be noticed about Magic Silk underwear is the fact that there is a noticeable absence of lack of use of patterns. The underwear is kept deceivingly simple and plain in solid colours, which helps maintain the dignity and sophistication of this item of clothing! The colours are varied though, and you can pick from a whole range.

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