J&K Art Fashion is one of those brand and companies that make fashion what it is today. It makes the fashion and fashion industry reach the level of being called art, totally justifying the inclusion of the word art in its name! There are a number of high end fashionable products that are manufactured by the company that satisfy the needs of the fashionable men of today!

J&K Art Fashion manufactures and supplies products and apparel like long sleeved t shirts, long sleeved shirts, jeweller, tank top t shirts, short sleeved t shirts, etc.

The long sleeved t shirts of the brand are available in the basic colours of white and black, but apart from that, you may be assured that there is nothing formal or staid about their shirts. There are embellishments of metal Rhine studs with different bold motifs. The fit is very comfortable and the cut of the shirt includes a curved tail so that the shirt gets more length in the back, eliminating the need to constantly tug it into your pants. The buttons have been cross stitched so that they stay for a longer time on your shirts.

Their long sleeved t shirts are made of a blend of 6% elastane and 94% viscose and are perfect to be worn during a night out at the club. The motifs and patterns used somewhat reflect on the mysterious aspect of life. Their shirts are comfortable and sexy as well as great to wear.

J&K Art Fashion manufactures short sleeved t shirts that are perfect for a casual day out!  The basic colour palettes used by the brand to produce the t shirts are grey, black and white. The prints are quite creative and bold and help express your individuality. You can even get these shirts sleeveless, which is perfect for the summer months. The fabric used is a mix of 6% elastane and 94% viscose, and this material is also used to make tank top T shirts. Their vests and T shirts are silk screened and fitted to highlight the male physique.

The materials and fabrics used are of the highest quality and should be machine washed or hand washed at 30-40° C. The fabrics are soft so that there is no discomfort while wearing them all day long!

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