The jockbrief style is a more or less recent development and style in the world of men’s underwear. Since its first entry it was seen as a kind of underwear with a novelty. However, in recent times their popularity has increased manifold! This has resulted in many top labels and brands manufacturing this style of men’s underwear.

The feature that separates the jockbrief style from the usual styles of men’s underwear is the fact that the seat has a jock-style look and has two side straps. Otherwise the style basically appears like any conventional low rise brief from the front.

This style was brought forward into the mainstream by some top labels and Baskit is amongst them. The ribbed cotton jock brief is one of the finest creations that have been witnessed in the world of fashion in recent times! When you look at it you are bound to fall in love with the amazing style and comfort it generates when you put it on!

Under the Baskit Ribbed cotton range there are quite a few styles like boxer briefs, thongs, low rise briefs, etc but the jockbrief style (which is the topic of discussion here) takes the cake! The ribbed cotton line of underwear has been in two basic colours but the contrast colour piping is varying and adds a punch to the style of underwear.

The line has a tall waistband which is very soft but is sturdy at the same time! So you need not worry about whether the waistband will be strong enough to keep everything in place, nor about whether it will be comfortable or not! There are colour matched stripes which run all around the waistband and are quite eye catching! The centre front of the waistband features a Baskit logo in bold. The waistband’s lower part has 3/8 inches of piping at the very edge, lending an innovative look to the entire clothing!

The entire line’s fabric comprises of 100% cotton. There are a number of small and larger ribs in the fabric’s texture which allow flexibility and stretch. The thinness of the fabric adds to the comfort of the underwear!

The dual layered pouch makes it strong and there is no question of it being transparent due to the thin cotton material. The design of the pouch may be simple, but it does what it is supposed to do, lift and shape you!

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