The premium lifestyle brand Papi Underwear is a youth oriented brand that combines luxury along with comfort and style. Their products are well fitted and the fabrics used are luxurious and soft.

The popularity of Papi Underwear has reached far and wide. It was born in Miami and the term is the derivation of the paternal endearment “Papi”, which emphasizes the masculinity of those who wear their products. The brand came into being in the nineties, and still continues to set new milestones in the men’s fashion industry. The year 2004 saw the company being absorbed by Isaco International, which has helped in transforming it into a better and more luxurious brand. The brand records great sales from various countries and states.

Papi jockstrap underwear is the best form of underwear for sporty males. It is very comfortable due to the fact that it is made of a mix of 5% spandex and 95% cotton. It is not only great to wear at athletic outings, but can also be an outlet for your exotic expression.

Papi’s Platinum thong underwear is super comfortable and sexy. It comprises of a mix of 84% nylon and 16% spandex, which make it very soft. The style is clean and classic and the waistband is wide making it safe and secure for you to wear.

The trunk underwear collection made by Papi is known as Papi Tropical Brazilian trunk. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex these are very comfortable and are available in vibrant colours like mamey orange, mojito green, lago blue, etc.

Their brief underwear is of two ranges – low rise and aerocool. The low rise is, as the name suggests, to be worn under low rise jeans. The aerocool range is very comfortable and can be worn for many hours at a time. The low rise range is made of cotton and thus makes for extremely comfortable underwear.

The bestsellers of the brand include their Camouflage Collection. The focal point of the collection is the use of soft materials. Papi Underwear continues to introduce newer and better styles of underwear to surprise others.

Other products sold by the brand are shorts, muscle top t shirts, tank top t shirts, etc which complete and complement the brand. The products produced by Papi Underwear are the true representation of the latest fashionable trends of the industry. Wear Papi Underwear and you will always feel like you are the one in the limelight!

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