The latest trends in male clothing for gay, metrosexual and straight men

With autumn/fall knocking on our doors, it is time to re-invent the wardrobes a bit and look at the sexy men fashion trends this season.

The military fashion is in much vogue whether it is for males or females. The military fashion trend for men mainly revolves around clean cuts and functionality. A greatmen’s coat and aviator boots are the key pieces to carry out this trend. Almost all of the leading brands of sexy men clothing are manufacturing them so you can have a vast variety to choose from.

For those who love to wear suits, the latest sexy male fashion trend s to go for well-fitted tailored suits, but they should not be too skinny fitted. The perfect suit should have broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers. Sportscoats, three-piece ones and double breasted suits are really in this season. The sack suit or an unshaped largely cut suit however, is pitted as the next big thing.

The current fabric choice of the season for men’s sexy clothing is velvet. There are velvet suits and velvet sports jackets for those who like to experiment and carry off things with confidence. For the more subtle male, there is the option of velvet lapels which is eye catching too. The velvet overcoat is in much vogue; however, due to its high shine it is difficult to pull it off. To be subtle yet trendy one can always opt for ones with velvet collars which will add flair to the entire outfit. However, before wearing the fabric, make sure that the outfits are slim cut as it is a heavy material and may result in a bulky appearance. Velvet slippers are in fashion as well and they stand for luxury and elegance. However, too much embroidery might look gaudy and over the top. So, you can opt for suede shoes instead. Velvet bow ties can be a good option if you want to add an immediate flair to the entire outfit. The velvet is touted as the best investment for the current as well the coming year. While buying velvet just keep one thing in mind that velvet formed from cotton or silk is the best.

Vintage brooches for men are staging a come-back. They are available in various patterns and speak of sophistication and elegance without going overboard. The colours for this season are all earthy tones and ones inspire from nature.

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