The brand Assault shirts was founded by Tim and Craig in February 2008. The American brand is behind some of the most revolutionary ideas behind various shirts and t shirts. The motto of the brand is to shock and awe those who look at their creations. Ever since its inception Assault shirts has been creating sensations in the fashion industry with its wonderful creativity and innovation.

The short sleeved t shirts by Assault shirts are divided into several different collections including skull propaganda, death star, zombie, razor metal, radioactive II, etc. Each collection has a short history behind their inception and the features that they have.

George Bush was the main inspiration behind the creation of radioactive II when he blundered in his government role. The main design of the shirts is the bird phoenix which stands as the symbol for the country’s political resurrection shows that the design and text in the shirt are very strong. Another major feature of the shirt is that jersey material is used and the symbol is an eroded radiation one.

Zombie actually signifies the doom of humanity brought forward by the neglect of our environment and overt consumerism. Zombie t shirts give out a strong cry for us to get back to the basics of our lives and world, for the sake of humanity as well as our environment. This t shirt is sure to attract the attention of earth and nature lovers.

The Skull Propaganda tee basically makes an announcement that a political era is dead and propaganda is denounced. The skull portrays the fact that the elites brainwash others to fulfil their own wicked purposes.

The above mentioned were the t shirts dealing with political and social issues but Assault shirts also deals with gothic themes which are dark, brooding and sexy. This will definitely fascinate others and increase your sex appeal in the eyes of others.

Death star collection depicts Death in the form of a star along with his scythe which is ready to use and take away lives. There are gothic undertones and black humour in their t shirt designs.

There is also the razor metal which subtly protests against the pop rock of the recent times. It slaps mediocrity and bad tastes in music right on the wrist.

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