The Mexican designer label is famous for its individualistic approach to styling men and their conception of the not only the male body and pw it should look as well! The range of jockstraps and thongs have that individualistic appeal and sense of being right! The focus of attention in this blog post is the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong which has been on sale in the market for quite some time now and which has gathered quite a reputation for being naughty and nice at the same time!

Similar to what you find in other variants of Joe Snyder underwear, the Bulge Thong is available in a wide array of colours like black, white, dark blue, electric blue, light blue, orange, yellow, dark red, red, neon green, pinstripe along with black and white mesh for those who want to be a bit daring at times!

The material used for the Joe Snyder Bulge Thong range is a blend of 20% lycra and 80% nylon which is soft and smooth to touch. It gives a lot of stretch to the clothing, increasing the comfort factor manifold times!

The cut of the thong is very minimal and there is no sparable coverage material so there is a note of warning for all those who are bashful! Be careful while buying and wearing Joe Snyder Bulge Thong!

The true to size fit makes it easy to order online as well! The thong’s waistband is made of elastic that is minimally covered. The elastic measures ¼ inches at the top half and that which runs along back strap and around the pouch measures the same. The breadth of strap is 1 ¾ inches which narrows down to ½ inches.

One thing to be kept in mind while wearing Joe Snyder Bulge Thong is the fact that the pouch is single layer which makes it quite visible and revealing! The design is aimed at pushing things out, providing some great lifting and shaping to the wearer!

Little graphic detailing is provided by the small JS logo printed on the pouch at the front which otherwise would have remained quite plain. The pouch is snug and a bit on the tighter side which highlights and enhances the profile of the wearer quite a bit!

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