The Mexico based underwear and swimwear brand- Joe Snyder has been in the business of garment manufacturing for quite a long time- from 1958 to be exact! Currently, the brand is known for the variety of swimwear and pouch underwear in different types of revealing cuts with an abundance of colour options!

The Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer is also known as the ‘enhancement boxer’ and is available in a number of colours like black, white, red, blue, pinstripe, orange, etc! Most of the items designed by Joe Snyder are multipurpose i.e. they can be used both as underwear and swimwear. In fact, the material of the underwear is swim compatible with the use of a mix of 20% spandex and 80% nylon. Another material that is also used for making this men’s underwear is mesh, which is meant for underwear for obvious reasons.

Although Joe Snyder Bulge Boxer is named a boxer, the design is like a low rise brief. The fit of the bulge boxer is true to size and the fit is further helped by the material, which is stretchy enough to accommodate a wide range of proportions. The elastic band is fully covered and acts as the waistband. The feeling that it gives is quite comfortable. The care and logo tags are relatively large at 1 3/4 x 1 ¼ inches.

The brief does not have full back coverage and quite an amount of the lower backside will be showing when you wear it! The centre seam runs down the middle, clearly defining the cheeks and this gives the feeling which is quite like that when one wears thong underwear with the material hugging your contours very closely!

The leg bands do not have any elastic and the material’s main body is folded over and sewn flat. The brief’s front measures narrower than that of the sides. The brief’s right hand corner has the logo of JS printed in blue and red.

The single layer of the pouch makes your outlines or profiles quite clear to any observer, so there arises the need to be careful when wearing it!

The pouch works well as bulge booster and you not only get definition and shape, but some noticeable lift as well! The materials stretchiness adds to the benefit of it able to accommodate anyone!

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